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Common Language® Information Services

Subscriber Self Paced Training

We are pleased to offer this narrated training module. All we ask is you to provide us with some basic information.

  • Wireless/LTE Technology Overview
  • Common Language Information Services Overview
  • Common Language Information Services role within Business Applications
  • Locations (CLLI) Information Service
  • Equipment (CLEI) Information Service
  • Connections (NC/NCI, CLCI and CLFI) Information Service
  • Service Information (USOC/FIDs) Information Service
  • Metro Ethernet Solution Overview
  • Common Language Information Services The Jigsaw Webinar
  • Common Language Information Services Metro Ethernet Webinar
  • CLEI Codes for Asset Management Throughout the Enterprise
  • CLEI Codes Request Process Training
  • CLLI Codes and Locations Services Overview
  • FCC Universal Service Fund and Intercarrier Compensation Reform Overview Webinar
  • FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) Reform, Phase II
  • Fixed Assets Webinar
  • 50 Billion Connected Devices - Is Your Company Ready?

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