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About Common Language® Information Services

Common Language Information Services provides data information solutions that enable communications providers and manufacturers to overcome complex network management, asset management and service activation challenges. Our dynamic suite of products, including CLLI Codes, CLFI Codes, CLCI Codes, NC/NCI Codes, CLEI Codes, USOC Codes and FID Codes, are essential for identifying and defining critical network elements across any network. Within our registries, we actively manage over 10 million locations and 400,000 network equipment items. By taking a leading role in standards organizations including ETSI, ITU, TMF, ATIS and OBF, we have a direct impact on the advancement and evolution of data standards. With the rapid changes in the communications market, Common Language plays an instrumental role in helping our customers navigate through emerging opportunities involving M2M, edge device convergence, cloud computing, Smart Grid, bandwidth demands, and government reforms.