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Connect America Fund (CAF) Awardees

Build-out of your existing network will demand a solid foundational base of network information. Concurrently, you will need to successfully meet the USAC reporting and establish methods to leverage the industry’s network identification information in order to achieve efficient processes and a competitive advantage.


CAF Awardee Compliance Brochure
Common Language Product Overview

Common Language Information Services is at the foundational base for the interconnection process, billing, and reporting requirements for state and federal agencies. Our solutions provide the information required to support locations, connections, equipment and services identification – all critical to network administration and regulatory reporting.

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Standardize Location Data

CLLI Codes provide standardized location identification - key to establishing accurate network and inventory information as well as meet FCC reporting requirements.

The Common Language CLLI License offers the ability to standardize your location data and gain access to a global repository of CLLI Codes. A CLLI Bulk Creation Service is available to expedite your company using CLLI Codes.

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For License and CLLI Bulk Creation Service information contact the Customer Support Center via a feedback form (Click Here) or phone (+1 877.699.5577)

Services Identification

Common Language USOC and USO/FIDs Codes identify service, network and customer information. In the CAF environment, they are critical to improving service activation, marketing your services and demonstrating offerings are comparable across markets. New USOC Codes have already been created to track expenses associated with the FCC Requirements.

The Common Language USOC and USO/FID Licenses offers the ability to standardize your service offerings and service attributes. You will gain access to the industry USOC and FID databases and new code development services. A Mapping Service is also available to align your company’s offerings to Industry Standard USOCs.

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For License and USOC Mapping Service Contact the Customer Support Center via a feedback form (Click Here) or phone (+1 877.699.5577)

Company Identification

Interexchange Access Customer (IAC) codes and Exchange Carrier (EC) Codes are used in interfacing between companies and aiding flow through. The Interexchange Customer Service Center/Service Center (ICSC/SC) Code is used to identify a service provider's service center. It’s critical that your company is correctly identified to facilitate interconnecting with trading partners.

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  • Click Here to register for Company Identification code (i.e., IAC, EC, ICSC Codes)

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Let us help you prepare to successfully meet USCA reporting requirements. We can visit your compnay and look at your current data information infrastructure to assess your readiness for CAF reporting. Our experienced SMEs will work with your team to:
  • Understand how your company is planning on meeting CAF reporting requirements to enable successful release of funds and
  • Demonstrate how Common Language can help your company manage their information needs effectively.

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Below is a summary of key FCC Reports, a brief description and recommended use of Common Language data. Of particular interest to CAF awardees are existing forms 499, 180 and 680. These reports have historically supported FCC reporting and could potentially be used or augmented to address CAF reporting requirements. CAF-specific reports are forthcoming; and we’ll continue to monitor their availability.


Companies today utilize Common Language to facilitate inventory management and ease reporting. Contact us to learn how to inventory and report your company’s data, via Common Language solutions, for initial funding applications / approvals and future validations to negate assignment of fines or worse, funding loss.

CAF Related FCC Reporting
Report Name Number Locations CLLI Equipment CLEI/USOA Connections
Requirement Description
Form 470 N/A N/A X X This form is for libraries, schools, etc. requesting universal service support. Designation is required for specific services desired and quantities associated to the service(s) needed by the organization.
Form 471 X X X X This form is for libraries and schools requesting telecommunications services support.
Form 472 X X X X Applicants file an FCC Form 472 (BEAR Form) to request reimbursement for the discount amount on eligible services that has already been billed by the service provider to the applicant and paid in full by the applicant to the service provider.
Form 473 N/A N/A N/A N/A Service providers file an FCC Form 473 (SPAC Form) to certify that they will comply with program rules. USAC must have a SPAC Form on file for each Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) - if a service provider has more than one - and for each funding year.
Form 474 X X X X Service providers file an FCC Form 474 (SPI Form) to request payment of the discount amount for eligible services after billing applicants for the non-discount share of the cost of those services.
Form 477 noted as "Service Territory" X X X Per recent changes, the requirement on services is to report those in-service, but does not have to included 'offered areas'. (See DA 13-87A1).
FCC Form 486 X X X X This form is for Libraries and Schools reporting receipt of telecommunications services support.
Form 499 A N/A N/A N/A N/A Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet - must be filed by all telecom service providers, referencing voice, data, cellular, carrier, cable only, etc operators.
Form 499 Q X X X X This Worksheet sets forth information that the contributor must submit, so that the administrator of the universal service support mechanisms may calculate and assess contributions.
FCC Form 500 N/A N/A N/A N/A This form is for Libraries and Schools reporting Adjustment to Funding Commitment and Modification to Receipt of Service Confirmation Form.
Short-Form Application FCC Form 180 X X N/A X The auction application form must be filled out in order to submit an auction bid for CAF funding. Included in this form are: type of company, name, address, phone number, Study Area Codes (SACs), spectrum access available to the ETC, and associated road miles. The company must be an ETC. Auction 901 was held on Sep 27, 2012, dollars based on per road mile coverage.
Long-Form Application FCC Form 680 X X N/A X The detailed application form contains references to the Company's “right to do business” information.  The report focuses on documentation of the following key items:
  1. Applicant’s Eligible Telecommunication Carrier (ETC) designation
  2. Project description
  3. Spectrum access
  4. Letter of credit (or commitment letter)
  5. If applicable, tribal engagement information.



Learn more about Common Language Information Services via our free, self-paced, narrated on-line courses. Our overview modules will provide the framework for truly appreciating the depth and scope of our data infrastructure offerings. As a CAF Awardee, definitely take the time to view our on-line events:
  • Click here for FCC USF and ICC Reform Overview Webinar
  • Click here for FCC Connect America (CAF) Reform, Phase II

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