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TruOps Common Language Equipment Identification:
Carriers Overview: CLEI™ Codes/CPRs

The Common Language Equipment Identification product line consists of CLEI codes, asset-tracking codes (CPRs, ECNs and FRCs), bar codes, and CLEI assignment codes, along with property record and inventory record catalog information.

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Equipment Codes for Network Element Providers

Common Language Equipment Information Services


Equipment codes and records support the critical asset-management, inventory, and provisioning functions that are indispensable to efficient daily operations. These codes and catalog records enable network service providers to clearly and consistently identify and track virtually every type of telecommunications equipment.

Why service providers use CLEI code set information:

  • CLEI codes and bar codes help boost performance and reduce costs in plug-in inventory.
  • Asset-tracking codes are used in planning and forecast activities that require the accurate assessment of long- and short-term equipment needs.
  • Asset-tracking codes and the Property Record Catalog help with equipment ordering, vendors' invoice processing, billing verification, asset recording and auditing.
  • CLEI codes are a superior inventory-management tool used to avoid surpluses that tie up scarce resources and shortages that cause delays and frustrate users.
  • Asset-tracking codes and CLEI codes produce cost savings by automating and simplifying asset verification, a universally dreaded -- but absolutely essential -- business process.
  • CLEI codes make it easier to identify the exact nature of an equipment problem, take prompt action, minimize downtime and increase customer satisfaction.
  • CLEI assignment codes identify provisionable equipment entities to the slot and/or port level, meeting the needs of network circuit/facility inventory and service activation.

Our asset-tracking codes have been used to track billions of dollars of capital assets for the licensed customers. Our knowledge of network assets can help you streamline the processing of creating and maintaining asset records and perform asset management effectively, thus minimizing costs. Particularly maximizing the effective control of financial reports to meet the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act Section 404 requirement.

When a bar-code label is attached to an equipment item, it becomes an indispensable part of efficient physical inventory tracking, stock selection, interchangeability, shipping, and receiving for various engineering functions.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are recognized throughout the industry for their expertise in equipment ordering and invoice processing, separations, accounting, radio-frequency identification, e-commerce, and bar-code technologies. The latter includes a machine-readable index number and a human-readable CLEI code.

Up-to-the-minute code information for specific equipment is maintained by Common Language in a central repository that has enabled us to coordinate the creation of more than 400,000 unique CLEI codes, each of which names a single item and has only one meaning.

Many of our customers also derive significant benefits from the CLEI InQuiry Tool. This Web-based tool allows carriers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, resellers and distributors to easily cross-reference product information in order to map manufacturer and part numbers to CLEI codes, continuing property records (CPRs), equipment catalog numbers (ECNs), field reporting codes (FRCs), and equipment catalog items (ECIs). CLEI XML Master Extract is also available for catalog information download.

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