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With the right TruOps Common Language Codes applied throughout your complex systems, everything works better. Maintaining your inventory is more efficient, network utilization goes up, orders process faster, service provisioning is easier and the entire network is more accurate everywhere. It results in better cost control, more agility and a more substantial bottom line.

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CLEI Codes are unique network equipment codes from our database of globally unique identifiers that originate from over 1,000 manufacturers help you improve asset-inventory management and financial reporting. They also help you fine tune your inventory identification with more accurate and detailed descriptors and help you reduce network investment with better efficiency.

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CLLI Codes provide precise location information, including service provider locations and functions such as switches and points of interconnection, to help you define every part of your network with pinpoint accuracy. They also help you gain a shared and consolidated view of network locations across all service provider organizations and the industry as a whole while helping you reduce maintenance costs and errors by streamlining network planning, design and provisioning.

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Clearly defined connection codes and highly detailed technical attributes of services, facilities and their associated interfaces help you improve network efficiency and industry-wide interconnection requirements. Connection Codes include CLCI MSG Codes, CLCI Codes, CLFI Codes, NC/NCI Codes. They allow you to simplify the entire ordering process, from provisioning to service turn-up to billing, with precise identification of customer circuits and services, message trunk circuits and cable and transmission facilities between two locations within a network. It also helps you reduce network capacity build-out costs by up to 20 percent.

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Quickly launch new services by using consistent codes for service components that span every possible technical parameter for every service including ordering, provisioning, service assurance and billing. Leverage Service Order guidelines, Uniform Service Order Codes (USOC) and Field Identifiers (FID) to gain more efficient and accurate provisioning and billing while accelerating time-to-market. You also benefit from standardized tariff information, better interconnections with other service providers and more reliable revenue.

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Common Language General Codes provide you with a stable naming scheme for describing company names, equipment frames and signaling types. They include Interexchange Access Customer (IAC) Codes, also known as Access Customer Name Abbreviation (ACNA), Exchange Carrier (EC) Codes, Interexchange Customer Service Center/Service Center (ICSC/SC) Codes, Manufacturer (MFR) Codes and Design Routing Codes (DRC). The General Codes and Code Spreadsheets are available for purchase online at the Common Language Store.


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The TruOps Common Language Information Services Code Center provides easy access to all of the Common Language Information Services systems and tools, including the CLONES system, the eCoder System and the CLEI Code Inquiry tool. The Code Center also provides licensees with the ability to download meeting information, spreadsheets, Job Aids and other documentation by Code Set.

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The Common Language suite of products includes code sets, code spreadsheets and documentation. Companies typically purchase a Common Language subscription, which provides access to the full product suite. For companies with lesser needs, such as resellers, telecom billing and processing companies, regional holding companies and content providers, a limited set of products are available for purchase directly via the Common Language Store.

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