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With 5G in the marketplace, many organizations are looking to transform processes and cut costs at the same time so they can sustain revenue growth and profitability despite the greater complexity required. Companies across the communications industry, including service providers, fiber network operators, voice and message aggregators, and manufacturers across the globe rely on TruOps Common Language for the operational efficiencies and secure interconnection of networks, devices and applications it enables.

Find ways to get more out of your assets with intelligent, consistent data tools. Using Common Language, you can manage your assets with the consistency, accuracy and simplicity that lead to significant cost savings. With a coordinated and efficient process, you can maximize capital budgets, streamline maintenance and improve reporting for better decision-making that ensures procurement organizations have the necessary information needed to make better buying decisions while negotiating the best pricing.

companies across the industry rely on common language

Discover the ways that Common Language helps Network Element Providers (NEPs) assist service provider customers in making equipment and network element decisions by leveraging industry-standard, consistent coding.

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Learn how all types of service providers, including wireline, wireless and cable, use Common Language to implement process automation that helps them speed service delivery and activation.

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See how a consistent end-to-end view of their networks allows fiber companies to fine-tune layout design and accelerate the work order to completion.

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Find out how voice and messaging aggregators use Common Language to centralize information to improve network utilization and create seamless interconnections.

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Learn how many communications companies, such as equipment resellers, managed service providers and wholesale and retail service providers use Common Language codes to gain increased efficiency while modernizing operations.

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With industry-standard CLLI Codes, you can avoid costly mistakes by clearly identifying interconnection points between corporate partners. With Common Language General Codes you can enhance your company’s ability to do business through service activation, interconnection and billing.

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With a Common Language subscription, you gain exclusive access to a broad, deep selection of support services and advanced features. Our solution is the proven way to overcome the skyrocketing network complexity that comes from new technology rollouts.