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As the cycle of emerging technologies drives the evolution of new services and functions across the communications ecosystem, you must continually adapt while simultaneously ensuring automated flow-through and provisioning. That means you must work consistently across all trading partners and vendors that interact with the network directly to create an environment that can simply, seamlessly and securely handle any change needed. That is why most service providers use TruOps Common Language to find ways to deploy new technologies and support new service activations, including 5G, more efficiently. It is also how equipment resellers, managed service providers and wholesale and retail service providers, gain increased efficiency while modernizing operations.

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In a complex business, managing all the moving parts can be a challenge, especially when different departments have different naming conventions and new technologies are running alongside legacy systems. Common Language helps you achieve consistency by standardizing the way everyone in your ecosystem refers to locations, equipment, circuit paths and billable service information. This consistency allows you to manage complex network operations much more efficiently. That is because by providing unique naming conventions, coding and labeling practices, there is nothing left to ambiguity. That means that costly mistakes are avoided and efficiency between business divisions, corporate partners and even vendors is dramatically increased.

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Keeping track physically, logically and logistically of each network element, network node, switch, router and other types of network components in your ecosystem is a challenge, especially as network technologies and business strategies evolve. Common Language can help you gain a complete understanding of your network assets. By using a common nomenclature to describe all locations, facilities, equipment and service functions, regardless of your network systems and processes, you can see what you have, clearly and unambiguously. That can help you make better inventory decisions, build more accurate reporting and serve customers and trading partners more effectively, saving you time and money.

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With industry-standard CLLI Codes, you can avoid costly mistakes by clearly identifying interconnection points between corporate partners. With Common Language General Codes you can enhance your company’s ability to do business through service activation, interconnection and billing.

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With a Common Language subscription, you gain exclusive access to a broad, deep selection of support services and advanced features. Our solution is the proven way to overcome the skyrocketing network complexity that comes from new technology rollouts.

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