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Easily identify and track virtually all your network equipment, down to the smallest detail, with our globally unique Common Language CLEI Codes. Supported by more than 1,000 network vendors, our codes allow you to easily document compatible and interchangeable equipment, which helps you to reduce your spares inventory. 

Using this code set, you can decrease asset management costs, simplify reporting, minimize downtime and track Product Change Notices (PCNs). And with the Common Language App, this identification can be done even more efficiently. 

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Track the location of every piece of equipment and communications function provided at each location with Common Language CLLI Codes. Manage network interconnections with ease when you use the Common Language Location Registry, which uniquely identifies network sites. And, with our network view component, you gain enhanced visibility into your network and customer sites with a clear map to help you understand the attributes of millions of registered sites.

You can also utilize the Location Registry to create new codes, available immediately across your systems and to your trading partners, to streamline communication and interconnection requests with other network service providers. These codes can help you simplify your network planning and reduce design and provisioning errors, which can save significant time and money.

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Whether you are managing the multiple variations within your own network or interconnecting with other service provider networks, there is always an opportunity to improve network efficiency. Common Language Connections Information Services helps facilitate industry-wide interconnection with a stable naming scheme that describes network channels, circuit-interface characteristics and interface specifications. Using Common Language CLFI Codes, Common Language CLCI MSG Codes and Common Language CLCI S/S Codes makes it easy to order access services, reduce network capacity build-out by up to 20 percent and simplify provisioning and billing.

Common Language Network Channel and Interface Information (NC/NCI) Codes facilitates simple interworking with other service providers via the Access Service Request (ASR) process.

CLFI Codes streamline fulfillment and assurance activities with by providing a naming scheme for describing cable, fiber, radio, analog and digital service provider transmission facilities. By capturing designations, types, channel numbers and end locations, you can make it easier to interconnect and communicate within and between facilities and companies.

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When you are adding a new service, the competition is stiff, the timelines are grueling, and the list of requirements seems endless. You need every advantage you can get and the Common Language Service Information Service provides you with a single, flexible, industry standard framework to define and communicate service activation, assurance and billing requirements. Our Standardized Service Order Format helps you define and manage all reference data necessary to define, code and decode any order, regardless of the service or underlying technologies.

Working together, we determine your individual needs and guide your implementation of the industry-standard Uniform Service Order Codes (USOCs) and Field Identifiers (FIDs), all of which fit within the Standard Service Order Format. The information is globally accessible via hosted registries allowing you to accelerate your new service rollouts and reduce the costs associated with Operations Support System/Business Support System (OSS/BSS) modifications.

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Common Language General Codes provide a stable naming scheme that applies across the industry to identify company names, service centers, manufactures and design routing addresses. General Codes apply to many operations and processes within a company such as service activation, interconnection, inventory and asset management processes, maintenance and billing. They apply to all Common Language Information Services and Code Sets and are not specific to a particular Code Set.

General Codes enhance the ability of a client company to do business. Common Language General Codes include Interexchange Access Customer (IAC) Codes, also known as Access Customer Name Abbreviation (ACNA), Exchange Carrier (EC) Codes, Interexchange Customer Service Center/Service Center (ICSC/SC) Codes, Manufacturer (MFR) Codes and Design Routing Codes (DRC).

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