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Join thousands of communication service providers who use TruOps Common Language to seamlessly access the systems and processes to route, rate and bill for billions of calls and messages every day. Our reliable, scalable data infrastructure intelligence helps communication service providers, including VoIP, fiber network providers, tower operators and other businesses that manage and operate large, complex networks find new ways to increase efficiency and visibility of network assets and connections while reducing costs. With Common Language you can overcome complex network management, asset management and service activation challenges with unique codes for equipment, locations, connections and services.

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Whether your company has a singular focus on meeting aggressive infrastructure rollouts or your network is at a more mature stage, appropriate accounting and tracking of assets is a necessity. Common Language provides a common name for network components and financial classifications that can be used across systems so that asset tracking and purchasing can be streamlined and automated. It also provides unique representation of network equipment locations such as central offices, cell towers and warehouses, under a consistent location identification supported by geographic information system (GIS) information.

With Common Language, you can see the location, cost and interchangeability of equipment in inventory to find cost-saving opportunities, upgraded parts and internal inventory substitutes. It also provides more information about the specific assets, which helps with  automated order fulfillment, cost-effective deployment, streamlined maintenance, and verified retirement. All of which helps you make better decisions, improves your processes and makes you easier to do business with.

Efficient operations, including seamlessly and securely handling new business, means you need to work consistently across all of the trading partners and vendors that interact with your network directly. It’s really that simple. When you’re poised for expansion, communicating clearly is table stakes, allowing you to partner more easily with other service providers and to interconnect networks.

That’s what a common view across finance, partner, customer and vendor functions and internal business operations can do for you. Many organizations use it as a tool to facilitate system integration and support interconnection. Beyond simply making those interconnections, Common Language also can help all communication service providers (wireline, wireless, cable, VoIP, etc.) and even large enterprises with significant networks all over the world to drive operational efficiencies and better manage CapEx and OpEx.

If your business expansion plans include acquiring another company, it is likely that your physical asset management systems do not match up. Or, even worse, the two systems do not use the same dictionary to describe assets. When that is the case, you are likely to make purchases that duplicate assets you already have in inventory, wasting money simply because you don’t have a consistent view of your assets.

You need a way to view all assets through the same lens, with the same method of naming every attribute. Common Language provides you with all the details to make the process so much simpler.

When you’re making strategic decisions about where to expand, you need to know exactly what addresses are being considered. But sometimes addresses have different names, such as Foothill Boulevard in Los Angeles, which is also known as Route 66. When a cell site has no street address at all, it’s difficult to pinpoint, which can complicate service delivery and repair.

Having a standard way to record locations allows you to seamlessly coordinate service delivery, communicate locations of faulty equipment to repair centers, audit assets and automate process flows. Common Language does all that and more. As the only industry registry with more than 15 million registered network locations and millions more of interconnection points, Common Language Location Information service also boosts trading partner collaboration because of its easy, centralized accessibility.

Even if your systems are already automated, how you handle ongoing processes likely isn’t. You need to ensure automated flow-through and provisioning so your operations can continue without a hitch and you get those new services to market quickly.

It all comes down to making sure your network is managed effectively and efficiently. Common Language is a network optimization solution that helps you drive efficiencies and accelerate deployment of services. With Common Language you can see real-time network utilization metrics and trends to understand what updates need to be made or what new assets need to be purchased. Essentially, it helps you to break down data silos and make better business decisions.

When business is booming, you need to be able to quickly respond to rising customer demand. Sometimes your network resources are in mayhem and you need a more efficient way to identify and organize your resources so you can react and expand on demand.

That is why having the right information on hand, at all times, is so critical. TruOps Common Language helps you manage all the details so you can avoid service delays, miscommunication and operational challenges that can affect your bottom line.


Operating complex networks requires alignment across operational and financial views to ensure accurate accounting of network assets. Common Language enhances financial controls and helps reduce taxes with more accurate and detailed asset valuation by identifying network assets at the component level to allow for depreciation that is compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The common information infrastructure is the only consistent method to manage asset lifecycle across Enterprise Resource Planning, Engineering and Inventory domains. It enables you to confidently report on financial performance and simultaneously achieve tax savings, increased control of capital expenditures and reduced operational costs on management of inventories, warranties and repairs, and spares utilization.

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