what is iconectiv TruOps Common Language?

how is Common Language priced?

intellectual property and trademarks

In addition to the intellectual property statements, what other trademarking needs to be considered?

do I need to trademark each instance of the Common Language term?

equipment identification

what is a CLEI Code?

how is a CLEI Code used?

product change notifications

what are Product Change Notifications (PCNs)?

what are some of the benefits of using Product Change Notifications (PCN)?

code details

what is a Continuing Property Record (CPR) and how is it used?

what is a Bar Code label?

equipment manufacturers

how is a CLEI Code requested?

what is an attribute?

CLEI standards and documents

what are the standards relating to CLEI Code in the MIB?

what documents define CLEI Coding procedures?

location identification

what is a CLLI Code?

how are CLLI Codes used?


how can I reach customer support?

is training available?