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Network equipment represents one of your most significant investments, which is why getting more life out of your network assets is mission critical. Half the battle isn’t just keeping pace with technology; it’s also keeping track of every single item in your inventory. With tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, it’s easy to lose sight of warranty eligibility, compliance, interchangeability and even which assets have been sunsetted or decommissioned.

With TruOps Common Language CLEI Codes, you can bring the whole picture into focus. Keep tabs on virtually every piece of equipment from the smallest orderable part to the revision level. Gain visibility of where the assets are deployed down to the slot level, including location through Network View. Confidently define interoperability with unique codes that clearly identify everything you need to know from asset type to manufacturer to technology. Use the CLEI InQuiry web-based tool to cross-reference product information to map manufacturer and part numbers to CLEI Codes, Continuing Property Records, Equipment Category Numbers, Field Reporting Codes and Equipment Catalog Items. And with the Common Language app, you can scan your equipment out in the field to access the attributes and functionality right through your mobile device. 

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unlock the value in your equipment

CLEI Codes provide an up-to-the-minute, single data infrastructure for network equipment assets, inventory and provisioning functions. Use CLEI Codes to:

  • Make better inventory decisions by reducing spares inventory and preventing errors from incorrect equipment being ordered or delivered
  • Simplify financial modeling of network assets by generating reports that meet the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act Section 404 requirement for insurers and auditors
  • Expedite merger and acquisition activities with an established consolidation model
  • Accelerate network circuit design, facility inventory and service activation
  • Quickly identify and resolve problems

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tracking billions of capital assets, tax models and data for equipment

Create, manage and operate physical network functions with more information about each specific asset. Using CLEI Codes helps you make better decisions, improves your processes and makes you easier to do business with.

Leverage common naming definitions and attribute assignments across Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments. This enables a logical consolidation of systems without the risk and cost burden of physical consolidation.

Enable process optimization through automated operations. With more information about an asset assigned in detail, you can use automation to streamline asset tracking, provisioning, maintenance, interconnection and system integration.

Make better purchasing decisions with a single data infrastructure representing an asset. Using CLEI Codes, you can see the location, cost and interchangeability of equipment to help you determine whether to buy or relocate inventory, saving money while keeping the network running smoothly and efficiently.

asset management
process automation
provisioning and billing

simplify financial reporting

When it comes to CLEI coding a network element for standard financial asset reporting, iconectiv classifies the equipment in four different ways to meet specific audit requirements.

main account

main account

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) main account code is used to maximize the effective control of financial reports to meet the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act Section 404 requirement.

field positioning

field reporting codes

Field Reporting Codes (FRC) describe the type of equipment and where it is used (e.g., central office, outside plant, etc.) for reporting on the asset value, which varies according to deployment location.

equipment category

equipment category numbers

Equipment Category Numbers (ECN) describe the technology in detail for identifying material costs by material technology.

continuing property

continuing property records

Continuing Property Records (CPR) track depreciation models, tax models and other data for each equipment type, for the life of the asset, using any of the 220,000+ CPR classifications.

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