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Join thousands of communications service providers, including wireline, wireless, cable and VoIP providers, as well as fiber network companies and tower companies, that use TruOps Common Language to seamlessly access the systems and processes to route, rate and bill for billions of calls and messages every day. Our reliable, scalable data infrastructure intelligence helps communication service providers improve network planning and streamline capacity management to operate more effectively and stay ready for new technologies on the horizon.

Communications service providers and businesses that manage and operate large, complex networks are finding new ways to increase efficiency and visibility of network assets and connections while reducing costs with Common Language. The universal, flexible data infrastructure management solution used industry-wide helps you overcome complex network management, asset management and service activation challenges. Our unique codes include CLEI Codes for equipment; CLLI Codes for locations; and CLFI Codes, CLCI MSG Codes, CLCI S/S Codes and Network Channel and Interface Information (NC/NCI) Codes for connections. In addition, our Common Language Service Information identifies service, network and customer information.


service providers

Communications service providers use Common Language to streamline access to the critical systems and processes they rely on to route, rate and track any billable service including billions of phone calls and SMS text messages, which helps them reduce both CapEx and OpEx.


fiber companies

Fiber companies rely on Common Language for cost-effective asset management and to optimize network performance and efficiency so they can reduce operational costs and keep up with growing capacity demands.


VoIP providers

Leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers use Common Language to improve operational management, interworking and interconnection so they can focus on providing the reliable service their customers need.

communication companies

communications companies

Many other communications companies including tower operators and businesses that manage and operate large, complex networks use Common Language to modernize operations, streamline processes and reduce costs.

network element providers

Network Element Providers (NEPs) acquire and label their equipment with Common Language CLEI Codes for both new item releases and items being changed on an ongoing basis. This facilitates communications service providers managing their equipment assets, both from an engineering perspective and a financial perspective.

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