CLLI Codes’ precise location definitions save you time, money

When you’ve got a clear map, you can get to where you’re going quickly. That’s what happens when you use TruOps Common Language CLLI Codes to distinctly identify every single location in your network. From network sites to customer sites, you can rapidly make interconnections using standard geographic identifiers that tell you exactly where points of interface are and what their functions are. With concise and meaningful information attributed across the network, everyone understands where equipment is located and where connections are being made. That saves time and reduces errors, streamlining every aspect of ordering, provisioning, interconnection and servicing.

The simplicity of standardized information means you can reduce costs on several fronts: you don’t need to spend time translating between different methods of defining locations; you can easily avoid duplicates being created for the same location and you won’t need to have software and staff dedicated to internally managing naming standards.

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precise tracking details

CLLI Codes and records allows you to communicate and collaborate with lightning-fast precision across disparate facilities, equipment locations and switching equipment locations. That means you gain efficiency in operations, with increased data consistency among systems and standardized processes within your company. Use CLLI Codes to:

  • Reduce network capacity build-out by up to 20%
  • Maximize a field technician's productivity time and efforts
  • Increase network planning efficiency and streamline interconnection
  • Reduce mistakes in design and provisioning
  • Minimize the number of site surveys needed due to conflicting location data

CLLI Codes identify, classify and understand the attributes of millions of registered sites worldwide. Once a new site is registered, it immediately becomes available to all of your network systems and the systems of your trading partners.

standardizing information for efficient collaboration

Uniquely identify all network locations in every internal system so you can easily comply with financial rules, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), requiring asset locations to be identified.

Enable integration across databases and collaborate across divisions and regions. With more information and consistent, clean attributes associated with each location, you can streamline provisioning, maintenance, interconnection and system integration.

Communicate clearly and unambiguously about points-of-interface (POI) when interconnecting between service providers. With a uniform approach to identifying locations, you can clear up any confusion around numerous entries for the same building and multiple names for a single street.

Service requests can be turned up quicker when you are certain of the accuracy of the location position and location type information. As your business grows, precisely locating network assets—especially those without a street address—is critical for managing and interconnecting efficiently.

financial reporting
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benefits of CLLI Codes

CLLI Codes are required to obtain an NPA NXX code and are required in the Access Service Request/Local Service Request (ASR/LSR). They offer a unique and unified way of identifying, classifying and understanding the attributes of millions of registered sites, which makes them invaluable for running an efficient telecom business, and enabling:

  • Reliable and accurate billing and change orders
  • Sound network planning and provisioning
  • Process automation within and between service providers
  • Cross-functional reporting by finance and engineering using the same data
  • Obtaining a NPA NXX number and negotiating the ASR/LSR process
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benefits of CLONES, LocateIt and Network View

CLONES is the centralized database of location information for many of the world’s largest service providers. The combination of CLONES, LocateIt and network view provides support for complex address analysis enabling:

  • Identification of duplicate addresses, such as: Main Str and Main Street
  • Understanding that two street names may represent the same location, e.g., 111th St and College Blvd
  • Unique identification of a location for which no street address applies, e.g., a cabinet or a cell site
  • Determination of whether a CLLI already exists for that location, by Latitude and Longitude coordinates, under the same or alternative name
  • Confidence in the accuracy of the location position and location type information
  • A geographical map featuring an entire view of your network, so you can minimize the number of physical site surveys required from conflicting location data

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