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Companies report that in using TruOps Common Language their leaders are equipped with the data that permits them to make critical business decisions, helping to optimize investments and deliver exemplary customer service. Adding iconectiv consulting services helps you uncover key insights into business performance to improve operational effectiveness and for competitive advantage. Partnering with you, our team of consultants deliver custom strategies that are purpose-built to tackle your specific challenges. Whether building a bespoke process for you to easily monetize equipment assets intra-company and across the country or finetuning your financial reporting process, we combine industry expertise, proprietary assessment tools and accelerators to quickly transform and scale impact across your business.

Imagine the smart decisions you’d be able to make if you had better visibility into what you have so you can better determine what you need and what you don’t. Get personalized, expert advice on how to leverage your investment in Common Language to seamlessly manage your network assets so you can see your whole network at once and decrease your operational costs at the same time. Our experts show you how to use the right codes so you can simplify forecasting, planning, billing, inventorying and provisioning.

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Get expert analysis of how your current operational processes may be improved to align with industry best practices. Our Common Language data infrastructure experts will come onsite and conduct a series of interviews and detailed analyses to determine where efficiencies may be found. Take advantage of our decades of experience as we help you to get the most out of your data infrastructure and processes. You’ll learn the best implementation approach as we:

  • Identify efficient data implementation strategies
  • Determine training needs
  • Gain better alignment and cohesion across your enterprise
  • Define areas where more appropriate KPIs would be useful

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discover ways to optimize merger and acquisition activities

Tap into our years of experience to gain a clear picture of how your combined assets, asset management systems and processes can be optimized through Common Language. With countless major merger and acquisition (M&A) projects under our belt, we help you get to the cost advantages of combining forces more quickly so you can ramp up new service delivery and hit revenue targets. Leverage our expertise as we help you with:

  • Planning and implementing economies of scale
  • Identifying commonalities between merging parties
  • Plotting accurate interconnections
  • Simplifying network complexity

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