CLEI standards and documents

what are the standards relating to CLEI Code in the MIB?

The Standards relating to CLEI in the MIB are:

  • ATIS-0300040, Guidelines for Data Elements included in the Management Information Base (MIB)
  • RFC 4152, Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Common Language Identifier (CLEI) Code
  • RFC 4133, Entity MIB (Version 3)
  • GR-485-CORE, Common Language Equipment Codes (CLEI Codes) - Generic Requirements for Processes Guidelines (Req. 9-5)
what documents define CLEI Coding procedures?

These are the commonly used iconectiv documents defining CLEI Codes:

  • BR-795-200-000, TruOps Common Language CLEI Codes Coding Principles for Communications Equipment
  • GR-485-CORE, Common Language Equipment Coding Processes and Guidelines Generic Requirements
  • GR-383-CORE, Common Language CLEI Codes Generic Requirements for Bar Code Labels
  • GR-209-CORE, Generic Requirements for Product Change Notices
  • ANSI ATIS-0300213.2014: Structure for the Identification of Equipment Entities for Information Exchange
  • ANSI ATIS-0300220.2016, Structure for the Representation of the Communications Industry Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Related Service Companies for Information Exchange

Standard licensees are welcome to browse or download BR 795-200-000, GR-383-CORE and GR-485-CORE in the Common Language Information Services Code Center. GR-209-CORE, GR-383-CORE and GR-485-CORE can also be purchased through the Common Language Store. ATIS members can access or purchase ATIS documents via the ATIS Document Center.