what is iconectiv TruOps Common Language?

iconectiv TruOps Common Language is an information enrichment tool that provides one set of rules to align your organization around efficient and effective use of resources. It keeps you on top of every detail in your network, with a:

  • Common name for locations, equipment, connections, services and virtual functions
  • Common view of the network across business operations and finance, as well as partner, customer and vendor functions
  • Common way to enable process optimization through automation
what are the sets in Common Language codes and what are they used for?
  • Common Language CLEI Codes: A must-have for true control of your inventory, the Common Language Equipment Information Service product line consists of CLEI Codes, asset-tracking codes (CPRs, ECNs and FRCs), bar codes, and CLEI assignment codes, along with property record and inventory record catalog information.

  • Common Language CLLI Codes: Essential to the quick and precise exchange of information that enables you to interconnect with customers and service providers, the Common Language Location Information Service product line consists of CLLI Codes that precisely define location and functionality at a location, streamlining every aspect of ordering, provisioning, interconnection and servicing.

  • Common Language CLCI MSG Codes:– The Common Language Connections Information Service product line consists of Common Language CLCI MSG Codes. These unique codes simplify network analysis and circuit assignment by identifying the number, office class, traffic use, trunk-type modifier, type and direction of pulsing, and originating and terminating office locations for individual trunks and trunk groups.

  • Common Language CLCI S/S Codes: The Common Language Connections Information Service product line consists of CLCI S/S Codes. These codes are vital to efficient circuit provisioning and provide a stable naming scheme for describing special-service circuits. When used on forms, orders, requests and bills, these codes make provisioning and billing seamless.

  • Common Language CLFI Codes: The Common Language Facility Information Service product line consists of CLFI Codes, which are the standard identification for identifying the termination of a facility. These codes allow you to get a complete end-to-end description of a facility’s designation, whether cable, fiber, radio, analog- and digital-carrier transmission.

  • Common Language Network Channel and Interface Information (NC/NCI) Codes: Common Language NC/NCI Codes provide you with a stable naming scheme for describing network channels, circuit-interface characteristics and associated interface specifications. NC/NCI Code sets simplify the provisioning and billing processes and their standard, compact format makes it easy for you to order access services.

  • Common Language Uniform Service Order Codes (USOC): Used in a Service Order to clearly identify each billable service, such as ethernet and fiber services. A growing database of USOCs identifies the products and services offered today.

  • Common Language Field Identifiers (FID): FIDs are used to identify important attributes of service beyond those described by USOCs. Specifically, FIDs convey the parameters required to provision a service.

  • Common Language General Codes: Provide a stable naming scheme that applies across the industry to identify company names, service centers, manufactures and design routing addresses. General Codes include Interexchange Access Customer (IAC) Codes, also known as Access Customer Name Abbreviation (ACNA), Exchange Carrier (EC) Codes, Interexchange Customer Service Center/Service Center (ICSC/SC) Codes, Manufacturer (MFR) Codes and Design Routing Codes (DRC).

is Common Language available globally?

Yes, Common Language is available worldwide.

are all Common Language code sets available worldwide?

You can access different code sets depending on your global region. The full selection of Common Language code sets are available to customers located in North America. CLEI Codes are available worldwide.

how is Common Language priced?

You can purchase TruOps Common Language by code set on an annual subscription basis.

how is Common Language implemented?

You can purchase TruOps Common Language by code set on an annual subscription basis.