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Network equipment represents one of the most significant investments a service provider can make. The equipment assets are central to providing service to customers and are of interest to the entire enterprise. CLEI Codes and the supporting CLEI attributes and classifications enable an enterprise to unite around a single data infrastructure representing an asset, which provides transparency across network, finance, engineering and planning teams. Service providers require CLEI codes be acquired and assigned to equipment before it can be deployed in their network.

how to acquire, update or add a CLEI code to your equipment

new equipment vendors

If you are new to the CLEI Coding process, there is a simple, four-step process to get the codes your need to have your equipment accepted for deployment by communication service providers. Our expert team can walk you through the process and help you get the codes you need quickly and easily.

Get Started:

  1. Common Language Master Agreement
    In order to obtain a copy of the our Master Agreement, please fill out the form below to provide us with your contact information. Once you receive the Master Agreement, please email a signed copy of the agreement.
  2. Purchase the Common Language NEP Start-up Package
    The Network Element Provider Start-up Package is available at the Common Language Store. This Package includes the purchase of a four character Vendor Code per ATIS-0300220 to identify your company, the industry Generic Requirement (GR) documentations associated with CLEI coding and the Common Language Job Aids that support Equipment Coding. The documents will be provided to you once payment is confirmed. Please note, a copy of  your company’s articles of incorporation will be needed to process the Vendor Code request. There is a $850 fee associated with the NEP Start-up Package.
  3. Process for submitting code requests
    Once you have returned the signed Master Agreement and purchased the NEP Start-Up Package, you are ready to submit a request for CLEI coding. For more information you can request a copy of JA-485 via email, CLEI Code Request Job Aid, which provides the process used to establish a CLEI Code.
  4. Submit your request for codes
    Forward the completed request for CLEI Coding form to the Common Language Production Control Center via email to

If you have any questions or need help setting up the CLEI Coding Process, please call our Customer Support Center at +1 877-699-5577.

existing equipment vendors

If you already have CLEI Codes, there is a simple process to request additional codes or make any changes or updates. Our expert team can walk you through the process or you can download the CLEI Code Request Form and submit it directly to our customer service team to facilitate the request.

CLEI Code Request Form      Update Billing Contact

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Feel free to send us any comments or questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.