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Fixed Asset Management


Why Use Our Fixed Asset Management Solution?

Our market leading Fixed Asset Management solution allows you to:

  • Generate accurate and streamlined financial reporting
  • Reduce operational costs and taxes with enhanced asset management
  • Maximize operational efficieny for service delivery, maintenance, spare parts inventory, product change repair

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What is the Fixed Asset Management Solution?

The iconectiv solution enables service providers to manage their assets’ financial classification and respective locations in a consistent and accurate manner, resulting in substantial cost savings. Our proven solution identifies network assets at the component level to allow for depreciation compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). A common information infrastructure provides the only consistent method for a service provider to manage asset lifecycle across Enterprise Resource Planning, Engineering, and Inventory domains.

  • An equipment repository that classifies and normalizes each equipment component according to standardized financial categories that are mapped into company accounts
  • Unique representation of network equipment locations (e.g. central offices, cell towers, and warehouses) under a consistent location identification supported by GIS information
  • Broad and proven solution that scales to handle new business challenges
  • Support for coordinated and efficient asset lifecycle management including accurate procurement, automated order fulfillment, cost-effective deployment, streamlined maintenance, and verified retirement

Fixed Asset


What is the Fixed Asset Management Solution?

iconectiv’s Fixed Asset Management solution allows you to:

  • Enhance financial controls and reduce taxes with more accurate and detailed asset valuation
  • Comply with international accounting standards such as IFRS
  • Improve reporting to management, investors, and regulators
  • Save operational costs on management of inventories, warranties and repairs, and spares utilization
  • Reduce warehouse inventory costs by not overstocking interchangeable network components