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TruOps Common Language Information Services

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Common Language can enable a single data infrastructure to be implemented across organizations for
  • Network Equipment (inc. CLEI)
  • Location Information (inside plant and outside plant) (inc. CLLI)
  • Connections, Circuits and Facilities (inc. CLFI, CLCI S/S, CLCI MSG and NC/NCI)
  • Services (inc. USO/USOC/FIDs)

Download: Common Language Use Case: The Value of a Subscription

Common Language is used to solve issues related to data management across the telecommunications industry including
  • Erroneous data capture (equipment dimensions and voltages, address information, etc)
  • Inconsistent Data Capture  (e.g. Main Street vs. Main St.)
  • Silo mentality with respect to data and data management
  • Multiple data models and databases across a single enterprise
  • As many or more references and ordering codes as there are vendors
  • Delays delivering service to the end customer due to errors in, or mistrust of, data in the systems
  • Overheads maintaining the same information in multiple locations and systems
  • Overheads translating from one data model to another
  • Difficulties tracking orders and delivery of service for leased lines, network equipment, interconnections, and services, amongst others
  • Demanding efforts to report asset usage to regulatory bodies due to information sources being inconsistent
TruOps Common Language Equipment Information Service
  • Standardizes the physical equipment labeling and bar-coding, enabling visibility whilst in service
  • Standardizes equipment ordering codes
  • Identifies equipment to revision level
  • Provides a central online database of equipment  characteristics to enable easy access to equipment specifications
  • Facilitates the Service Provider community to continue to develop the Equipment Information Service, ensuring continued relevance and alignment in the industry
  • Provides in depth expertise in managing equipment data.
Common Language Location Information Service
  • Standardizes address information across Service Providers and within a Service Provider, ensuring an address is recorded in one place and can be consumed by many
    • Standardizing location formats helps service providers coordinate service delivery, communicate locations of faulty equipment to repair centers, audit assets, and automate process flows.
  • Centralizes and standardizes Service Provider Interconnection locations
    • This registry boosts trading partner collaboration by providing access to more than eight million registered network locations and interconnection points.
Common Language Connections Information Service
  • Standardizes language for identifying physical and logical connections
  • Covers facilities and circuits, start and end points, multiplexing functionality, network channel and network channel interfaces, trunks, special circuits, leased lines and more
  • Provides a shared view of network connections.
  • Supports over 10 million interconnection requests a year
Common Language Services Information Service
  • Standardized, flexible definitions for every stage in the lifecycle of a service
  • Support over 17 million service orders a year
  • Make it easier to tariff like-services across providers
  • Communicate wholesale and retail offerings to businesses and other service providers
  • Describe services for BSSs/OSSs
  • Avoid retooling BSSs/OSSs for new services
Claims and comments from TruOps Common Language customers and analysts
  • 90% reduction in capturing equipment characteristics data (voltages, physical size, etc)
  • Cut 90% of master data administration costs
  • Streamlined interconnection orders by 30%
  • Improve the equipment inventory process by a multiple of 12
  • Cut failed dispatch efforts by 12%
  • Reduce network investment by $5m per $1bn invested.
  • Reduce time and costs of network integration by 35%
Common Language is a data infrastructure which can claim
  • Operation for more than 30 years
  • SAP NetWeaver® - certification
  • Referenced by ANSI, ETSI, ITU, ATIS, TM Forum, IETF, and ISO
  • Large client  base, ranging from small independents to incumbents with revenues of $100bn+
  • Clients in North America, Mexico, South America, Europe and the Middle East
  • Over 1300 network equipment providers involved