CLLI alert training

Provides a detailed understanding of CLLI alerts and management.

Duration: 1 day
Availability: This course is available in-person or virtually.

    course outline 

    Topics covered in this training course include:
    • Introduction and Purpose of CLLI Alert Processing
    • CLONES CLLI Alert Search Functions
    • "My Alerts" and Other Important CLONES CLLI Report Functions
    • CLONES CLLI Alert Workflow - From Initiation to Closure
      • CLLI M&P/CLONES JA and CLLI Alert Flow-Charts
      • Status, Priority, Problem Statements, etc.
      • Automatic CLLI Alert Status Update Email Notifications
      • Common Language Customer Service Center (CSC) Overdue CLLI Alert Processes
      • Review Real CLLI Alert Examples
    • Possible Duplicate Resolution Guidelines
    • How to Use and Navigate the CLLI Alert Contact List
    • Questions and Open Discussion 


    My Role:

    Systems Used: