equipment information services training workshop

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Common Language CLEI Code, its format and structure, and the applications available to support its use, including the iconectiv equipment catalog.

Duration: 1 day
Availability: This course is available in-person or virtually.

course outline

Topics covered in this training course include:

  • Equipment Information Services Overview
  • Purpose and benefits of using CLEI Codes
  • Common Language best practices
  • Describe equipment types, codes, and the equipment catalog
  • The benefits of using the CLEI code set
  • The format and structure of the CLEI code set
  • Understanding the fundamentals of codes and records that support asset tracking inventory, and provisioning
  • Equipment Labels
  • Application rules & Codes resources
  • CLEI InQuiry, LDR and its APIs
  • Hands-on exercises and activities
  • RFP and contracts guidance


My Role:

Systems Used: