new Common Language manager training

Learn how to coordinate and manage the application/use of Common Language in operations, business processes and systems, while interfacing with industry peers.

Duration: 1 day
Availability: This course is available in-person or virtually.

course outline

Topics covered in this training course include:

  • Role and responsibilities of a TruOps Common Language Manager
  • Managerial Details
    • Manager Agreement, Schedules and Invoicing
    • Customer Specific Details
    • Training and Education
    • Documentation and Data Access
    • System and Tool Access
    • Customer Groups and Technical Meetings
    • IP Protection
    • Technical Contacts and Support
  • Common Language Products and Services
    • Suite of Common Language Offerings
    • Software Tools Services
    • IAB and TAG
    • LS2 Process
  • Business Applications
  • Benefits to your company’s bottom line via data information Infrastructure


My Role:

Systems Used: